Explore Different Types of wood for furniture in India

Furniture is one of the components that have become essential for our daily lives. Whether we have to work, eat or sleep, they are the element providing us comfort. But when it comes to the quality, the type of wood used for making the furniture is the one and only important factor to consider. 

In India, there are a variety of types of wood available for the production of furniture. But to choose the perfect one is necessary as it determines the overall quality, durability and longevity. Below are some of the best types of woods which can be chosen for having a furniture in India: 

1. Sheesham (Indian Rosewood)

Popularly known as Indian Rosewood in India, sheesham is a great option for furniture in India. Its amazing color and excellent patterns give the furniture a unique as well as elegant look. With look and beauty, Sheesham or Indian Rosewood is also known for its amazing quality. Its durability and resistance from termites makes it a good and lasting type of wood to choose for furniture. 

2. Teak

Teak is considered one of the finest woods for furniture making. It has a natural oil content that makes it highly resistant to decay, pests, and rot. Teak furniture is known for its timeless beauty, with a warm golden hue that deepens over time. It is also highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor furniture.

3. Mango Wood

Well, for an eco-friendly as well as sustainable type of wood, Mango wood is a great choice. Its unique property or feature is that it’s available in a range of colors that varies from light to dark brown. Additionally, the patterns give these a good look and visualization for best furniture. Mango wood furniture adds a rustic charm to any space and is loved for its durability and strength.

4. Walnut

While other furniture gives look and presence with lesser costs, walnut wood is a bit expensive because of their attractive appearance, durability and workability. It’s rich dark brown color and graning pattern gives it an elegant appearance while crafted nicely. For furniture with a daily use and a premium look, the walnut wood is the best choice because of their durability and sturdiness. These wood provides for visual sophistication and beauty wherever placed, thereby making it a popular choice for high-end furniture.

5. Sheesham Plywood

Sheesham plywood is a cost-effective alternative to solid wood furniture. It is made by layering thin sheets of sheesham wood, resulting in a strong and sturdy material. Sheesham plywood furniture offers the same elegant look as solid sheesham wood furniture but at a more affordable price.

6. Acacia

Acacia wood for furniture in India is popular because of its versatility, eco-friendly nature and elegant visual appearance. They consist of a reddish-brown warm color with patterns. They are popular for their natural and rustic visuals. Also, these woods are less expensive as compared to other types of woods. For the preservation of their quality, these wood furniture needs to be taken good care of. 

7. Rubberwood

Rubberwood, also known as plantation hardwood, is an environmentally friendly option for furniture making. It is made from the rubber tree after it completes its latex production cycle. Rubberwood furniture has a light-colored appearance, with a smooth and consistent grain pattern.

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