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Choose from a diverse range of furniture designs crafted by expert artisans to bring added comfort to your doorstep. For your convenience, Artic Furniture has set up branches in Northern Kerala, and Mangalore.
Let’s elevate your home to heaven!

Crafted with

Each piece of furniture is made as a gift to the world. The indigenous creative origins and modern luxury that Artic Furniture, the leading Furniture shop in Mangalore, stands for each of these products. By selecting custom items, the room can be made for creativity and originality, allowing attention to even the tiniest details and perfect blending with the surroundings, becoming one of its essential elements and assuring the best use of space. We have a selection of more than 3000 products, including chairs, sofa sets, dining sets, day beds, wardrobes, beds, TV units, and dressers, all with more than 600 distinctive designs. Check them out here.

Why Choose Us

Premium Quality
We at Artic Furniture consider your needs by providing home furniture designs that specifically raise your standard of living. We offer premium quality furniture items fabricated to suit modern-age living. Moreover, we have an exclusive collection of antique furniture which are timeless classics with elegant designs and vintage quality.
Comfort Everytime
While traditional designs have developed over time, reflecting the fashion fads of each period, contemporary furniture design is all about striking the correct balance between design and utility. Our intricately carved furniture items offer added comfort to every user for a good night’s sleep.
Distinct Furniture
Your home feels cozier and more welcoming with our distinct furniture because it gives a sense of nature. Any furniture buyer is concerned about the wood quality used in wooden furniture designs. India has established a number of safety and quality criteria for furniture purchases online. Our furniture is put through several rounds of quality inspections, and the solid wood furniture designs have lifetime borer warranties.
Definition Of Dignity
Your original furniture ideas can become practical and long-lasting additions to your living space with the help of custom-made furniture. Custom furniture from Artic Furniture offers you added durability and versatility in terms of material, style, size, and finish. In addition, bespoke furniture designs can be transformed into sophisticated accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

We Help You Make
Your Home, Your Heaven

It's all about you in your house. We strive to comprehend you and your needs when you first contact us. Our project manager ensures that the timeline, quality, and budget are complied by while our designers get along with you to maintain an optimal balance between aesthetics and utility.
Bespoke modern furniture
Attention to details
Simplified assembling
High-quality finishing
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Satisfied Customer's Reviews

sharafath m
sharafath m
Best furniture shop in kasaragod. This shop has variety of collections at reasonable price. I recommend this for any new home or home renovations
Irshad Ali PS
Irshad Ali PS
The place offers you a wide variety of furniture items both branded and others. I had bought a wardrobe from this showroom three years ago which is pretty satisfactory so far and two years back, I bought a book shelf from this shop which is of substandard material, overpriced and not at all recommended. Last week, both of its locks jammed and after trying to unlock them to no avail, I finally had to break the lock and open it. The guys in the establishment were a bit firm and refused to budge even a penny from the fixed price.
Raja Dboss
Raja Dboss
Mishab Choori
Mishab Choori
Am Vi P
Am Vi P
quality furniture dealer

Artic Furniture

Artic Furniture is one of the top furniture dealers of Southern Karnataka and Northern Kerala. Artic Furniture products are meant to fulfill a fundamental requirement of architects and interior designers.
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